About Us

Chimmy Churry™  is a new approach to espadrilles. This idea comes from the formula: Argentine design+color+youthful spirit.
As a result, Chimmy Churry innovates and transforms the classic product into trendy footwear with different formats: “alpargatas”, boat shoes, oxfords with platform, boots and sandals, all manufactured with natural fibers, such as jute, canvas and other specially-selected fabrics to optimize quality. 
Our footwear is a burst of color and design, which reinvents this national classic. Wedges, prints and appliques are some of the elements our brand works with, turning them into a casual form of modern expression. Animal, ethnic and sailor prints, together with super vibrant duotone models, deliver originality and style. 

Continuing the tradition, Chimmy Churry  is 100% Argentine throughout the whole process of production. Get your Chimmy Churry online at www.chimmychurry.com and in authorized retailers.

Live simply!

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